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Automate your food production, eliminate food waste and
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Easiest, streamlined, and integrated kitchen timer in the market

Smarter Kitchen empowers you to strategize and steer food production with
real time integration of operational activities

Choose your line type

Smarter Kitchen enables you to navigate your production lines according to your operational needs.

Set the timer for your food items

Monitor every stage of the food prep. with ease, no more over-boiled, overcooked, and scorched.

Shut down the production line as per your needs

Eliminate waste, and reduce your food cost with Smarter Kitchen line control.


Take charge of food production with
Smarter Kitchen automation.

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Smarter Kitchen has made a significant difference in our business. We have seen a substantial increase in our kitchen efficiency, which has resulted in higher revenue and saved labor costs.

Leanna Flores, Operation Manager at Uptown Pizza

Smarter kitchen is an accurate and durable kitchen timer.It eliminated our food waste
and saved thousand of dollars.

Vincent Lorenzo, Regional General Manager at Grilled-To-Go

Smarter kitchen has transformed our food production. We were able to reduce
our food cost and increase our bottom line.

Kathy Clark, Restaurant Manager at The Spot

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Most integrated Food Production Management System available today

We provide a real-time integrated product to steer, manage, and monitor food production

Set up the production line
Start with a template created by an industry leader
Mobile apps available for Android and iPhone

Protect your brand with Smarter Kitchen

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