Kitchen Timer Device.

Don’t be left behind when other businesses are becoming automated, control the Kitchen at your finger tips

Modernize your kitchen with the help of Smarter Kitchen Device

The Smarter Kitchen Device brings mobility to your operation, while the Smarter Kitchen App uses transactional pmix to determine optimal prep batches based on prep time, shelf life, customer volume, and employee efficiency. It improves product quality, freshness, and speeds up service by the touch of your finger.

Product Automation

Smarter Kitchen automates the whole production cycle, which results in higher efficiency.

Food Safety Control

Smarter Kitchen records the ingredient case pack tracking information so that you will know which ingredients have gone into each prep batch

IoT Engine

Smarter Kitchen supports adjusting the cook time of food based on the size of the batch

Kitchen Timer

Smarter Kitchen monitors all the equipment temperature, such as, walk-in coolers, grills, etc.

Hold Timer

Smarter Kitchen’s hold timer moves with the products so that you know how long the item is being held on the line.

Our platform also features…

Access all your reports

Your fueling loactions are unattened but you need reports now to check sales and ststem status. With the Autogas web reporting suite you can access the information you need when you need it.

Actionable Notifications

When you receive an alert that a dispensor has lost connectivity you need support to act quickly. Learn about system issues before your customers have to tell you.

Remote Connectivity

Once alerted your support team can access the system to diagnose the problem before they deploy a fiend tech saving you time and money.

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