Interact, monitor, operate food production, and manage your kitchen needs from any place

The most affordable and reliable commercial kitchen
timer on the market

Smarter Kitchen enables you to prepare good quality food constantly,
without having to worry about cost.

Network Indicator

The network indicator keeps you informed about the device all the time, if you aren’t, a pop up will appear on the screen alerting that.

Hold Timer

Smarter Kitchen automatically starts a timer to track hold times when the food is prepared in the production line.

Shared Item

Smarter Kitchen’s shared item feature, allows you to share food items across all the food production lines.

Auto Start Item

Smarter Kitchen uses POS transactions for cooking & holding time, and sales projection for prompt cooking.

Auto Line Open and Shutdown

Smarter Kitchen’s real time integration works concurrently with the POS, which automates the production line.

Inventory Prioritization

Smarter Kitchen is Introducing the revolutionary first label attribute for the protein items to ensure F.I.F.O.

Multi-Language Usability

Smarter Kitchen is a multi-language product. You can choose between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Chinese.

Quick Setup

With the help of the start up wizard, Smarter Kitchen will be ready to automate your kitchen in 1 hour. No more kitchen hassle.

Personal Hygiene Alerts

Smarter Kitchen’s real time integration keeps your employees’ hygiene (hand’s washed) in check. It maintains the record on a daily basis.

iPhone and Android App

Smarter Kitchen’s app brings mobility into your kitchen operations. You do not need to carry the bulky record keeping books with you all the time.

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